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What’s happening in Wisconsin? I wish that I knew…

March 6, 2011


By Bruno Fournier Because the truth is that I don’t.  Media coverage of the recent strikes and occupation of the state Capitol building has been surprisingly sparse.  Of course, the People’s World—the hip, web-savvy scion of the old communist-affiliated Daily Worker—has been covering the story, and it comes right up with a few non-communist-affiliated Google […]

Why Ron Paul is a crypto-Marxist, even if he doesn’t realize it

March 5, 2011


By Larry Duvalier Everyone knows that Ron Paul always goes around talking about “revolutions.”  Revolution this, revolution that.  The fact that he talks about revolutions has nothing to do with why, as I will argue, Ron Paul’s thought it closer to Marxism than the illustrious congressman would care to realize.  Rather, it is specifically how […]


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