Pros and Cons of Homelessness

Posted on September 23, 2011


By Eduardo Dijo

Genghis Khan, orphaned and enslaved, realized better than most, perhaps, the bitter irony, that the world must be destroyed externally before it destroys itself from within.  Why?

The question is returning once again to the always necessary and always treacherous stage of world history: are there real advantages to homelessness?  Ça dépend, according to the Mobile Homemaker.  Are you the participant or the spectator?  What does rationality have to do with actuality?  What about your hygiene?

The numbers clearly indicate that it’s simply a matter of time before homelessness succeeds in turning you into “every kind of victim”.  But for whatever reason – if it’s actual then it’s rational – there are just certain things in life that can only be learned the hard way.  The position of Selecting Stones is that the tactical reasons for sleeping in a car are too often and too easily confused for a genuine path to freedom and for a consciousness that is finally “at home with itself”.  Being homeless has absolutely nothing to do with isolated individuals struggling to settle accounts.  There’s no real point in “thinking it over” until the genuine nature comes to light.  The dispute over the advantages and disadvantages of homelessness isn’t scholastic.

We often hear the expression “thinking for oneself”, as if it meant something important.  The real issue concerns the unification of what has been divided.  Homelessness is about men and women who are proving the truth of rational thinking in practice.

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