The Approaching Revolution

Posted on September 26, 2011


By Troy Clavileño

When we announced the establishment of Selecting Stones back in February 2011, the world had only just discovered that it was pregnant with another revolution, and while it is now too late to abort the fetus, much to the embarrassment and dissatisfaction of the increasingly antiquated middle class, it is still entirely possible that the reactionary bourgeoisie will somehow cleverly manage to find yet another abortive dumpster for its forbidden fruit somewhere in the Third World or “global south”.  Life is sacred for the conservatives, which neatly explains why they are always taking such extreme measures to abort the baby, not the fetus.

The world keeps moving in circles, but at least it’s going somewhere, unless this is precisely the definition of going nowhere.

“If we were to deprive a dog of its animality we could not say what it is.”

“They live and die, come to be and pass away.”

If Man’s faith has always been, whenever possible, that it is the vocation of the spirit to know the truth, then we would like to pose the question to our readers: what are the real underlying, i.e. the unspiritual, causes of the sickness and despair that we are now witnessing in our own time?

For the last seven months, the editors of Selecting Stones have been flirting with old Hegel, who once quoted a famous description of a spurious infinity that stays forever at the same spot:

‘These [numbers] I remove, and thou liest all before me.

Arguing on the basis of a wide range of concrete world-historical standpoints, Selecting Stones has consistently maintained the unwavering position that a kernel of rational truth can be found in the idealist proposition that today’s ideological despair stems from the wistful assumption that our cognition is only subjective, and that this is the last word about it.  In fact, it still remains a key premise of the modern view – regardless of whether it’s being espoused by Bill O’Reilly, Stephen Colbert, or Juan Cole – that conviction as such, the mere form of being convinced, is already good whatever its contents may be, simply because there is no criterion available for its truth.

But we must beware, for when we start trying to describe God, there is no turning back:

“I heap up monstrous numbers,
Mountains of millions,
Time I pile on time
And world on top of world;
And when from the awful height
I cast a dizzy look on Thee.”

Everyone knows the story of the greatest generation.

“At all costs, no communism, anything but that; and if we have no positive ideals with which to oppose it, then let nothingness itself be the ideal.”

In order to pay for this victory, we the people of the United States of America must now borrow forty cents for every dollar that we spend.

Now we have a debt crisis.

Now the worst generation must repay China for “anything but communism”.

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