Conversations from Occupy DC on a Thursday Night at Ten

Posted on December 12, 2011


Three fellows, ‘Wisconsin’, ‘Pride,’ and Mehmet pass the time on a cold evening.

Wisconsin:  I been on the road for ten years man.  Bin all over the place and I’m out o’ work.  I’m from Milwaukee but I looked near everywhere.  It’s all the same.  Fuckin’ Mexicans man.  I even go for the crappy jobs, workin’ kitchens, cleaning dishes.  It don’t matter where you go: same thing.  IHOP, Applebee’s, Denny’s, all of them.  They all hire fuckin’ Mexicans.  I go for a job there and they say to me “do you speak Spanish?”  Well, fuck no!!

At the word ‘well’ he rears back and looks to the heavens in disbelief.  Yet ‘Pride’ disputes his xenophobic screed.

Pride:  You got it wrong man!  They ain’t all that bad.  Mexicans aren’t the problem man.  You know they work hard and shit.  Plus they bring their women with them.  I’m sick of the women from here.  My ex, she was American, and I asked her to iron my shirt… just a simple request to help me out, and she tells me “shut the fuck up.”  Natalia, this Mexican I was with after that, I didn’t even have to ask her to iron my shirt, she just did it.  Great women man.  And they look after themselves too.  My American ex would just get drunk as shit.  But Natalia, I’d take her to a party and she’d have two drags on a cigarette and half a bottle of Corona and then stop, encourage me to have a good time, but take care of herself.

A bystander nods in agreement with ‘Pride.’

Wisconsin:  You guys are fucked up!

Wisconsin walks away despondent at the poor reception his views have received.

Pride:  I just let people say negative things but I’m not into that.  I’m not into gettin’ angry with people.  I sell Buddist statues, incense and flags, by the way.  If you need any, I’m here all the time.

This small businessman gestures upwards towards the ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ flag aloft above his tent.  Mehmet gestures towards the Ron Paul 2012 sign attached to the table.

Mehmet:  And you’re for Ron Paul?

Pride:  Yeah, but I’d vote for Newt Gingrich as well.  Him over at the White House, Obama, that is one evil man.  He’s just lied and tricked his way to the top.  That’s how he got there, totally corrupt.  And it’s not what people need.  People have to be proud of this country, of America.  Some people just don’t give a shit about our history.  That’s why I play patriotic music here at my tent.  But over there– (he gestures toward the White House again,) those are just bad people.

Mehmet:  But Newt Gingrich walked out on his wife when she had cancer?

Pride:  Lesser of two evils… Hey, are you from England?  I read the Daily MailTelegraph, Daily Mail, that’s some of the best journalism in the world.  I read the Daily Mail every day.  But you have exactly the same problems over there that we have here.  You have these immigrants who come and they just don’t care about your history.  And you have what you call “Asians,” but they are really from Pakistan, and they’re corrupting the young English girls with weed, and vodka, and crystal meth.

Mehmet:  That never happened at my school.

Pride:  Well things have probably changed a lot since then.  And the benefits cheats as well!  They cover this stuff every day in the Daily Mail.  There was a man from Africa who got a million dollars from the government in benefits and he was living in this enormous house and he didn’t have a job.  Then you had those riots this year, didn’t you?  There was one women, like the Secretary of Education or something, a blonde woman, and it was like all her fault.  They said it in the paper.  People are out of control…


This really happened!

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