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Occupy Austin, Subsistence Agriculture, and the Absurdity of Libertarianism

February 19, 2012


By Larry Duvalier A couple of months ago, I found myself briefly in Texas, and I had the opportunity to visit Occupy Austin.  It presented a rather typical scene, with nothing of particular interest to report.  However, I made the acquaintance of a young protester, whom we shall call here “Nick”.  Nick did not stand […]

Encyclopaedia of the Bourgeoisie: Evolutionary Biology

February 11, 2012


Evolutionary Biology Evolutionary biology, when approached objectively, from the universal standpoint of the proletariat, is among the most valuable of the natural sciences.  However, in the hands of the bourgeoisie, evolutionary biology is often deformed into a body of pseudoscientific theories with overtly racist undertones.  For example, some psychologists explain today’s human behavior based on […]

Fascism Forecast 2012 Update: U.S. Marines parade Nazi flag in Afghanistan

February 10, 2012


We offer today a quick update to Anthony Burton’s “Fascism Forecast 2012” article from last month.  Our information comes courtesy of (who else?) the New York Daily News and the Pentagon itself. We submit the following photo for your consideration: Yes, those are some U.S. Marines in Afghanistan posing in front of the flag of […]

Selecting Stones Presents: Karl Marx on so-called “Gentrification”

February 7, 2012


‘Improvements’ of towns which accompany the increase of wealth, such as the demolition of badly built districts, the erection of palaces to house banks, warehouses, etc., the widening of streets for business traffic, for luxury carriages, for the introduction of tramways, obviously drive the poor away into even worse and more crowded corners. — Karl […]

Encyclopaedia of the Bourgeoisie: Muslim Brotherhood

February 6, 2012


Muslim Brotherhood The Muslim Brotherhood is a bourgeois political party in Egypt espousing a right-leaning populist rhetoric, similar in many ways to Christian Democratic parties in Europe.  The organization was founded in Egypt in 1928 by a schoolteacher named Hassan al-Banna, and has produced many offshoots, both directly and by imitation, in various countries of […]

Encyclopaedia of the Bourgeoisie: G. W. F. Hegel

February 4, 2012


Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich G. W. F. Hegel is the most important bourgeois philosopher, and the central figure of German Idealism, who overcame Kant’s subjective idealism and dissolved his antinomies.  He lived from 1770 to 1831, a period of bourgeois revolution on a world scale.  Hegel developed the fullest form of dialectical method possible within […]


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