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Life and Death in an Era of Refined Illusions

March 30, 2012


By Anthony Burton In seventeenth-century England, a reactionary mouthpiece for the defeated feudal aristocracy – whose decay as a class was only inevitable within the boundaries set by the natural laws of social development – bellowed out desperately in the midst of the ruthless bloodletting that accompanied the basic dialectic of material progress towards capitalism […]

Occupy Tulsa Revisited, a follow-up on the Contradiction between Left and Right

March 25, 2012


By Larry Duvalier My previous article, called “Occupy Tulsa and the Contradiction of Left and Right”, contained a blatant factual error concerning the workings of magnetism.  My mistake.  Opposite poles attract — rather than repel — one another.  The principle of the dialectical unity of opposites still holds, however.  The antagonism between two repellant magnets […]

The Free Market – Why it must always be augmented

March 18, 2012


By Justin Hayden An inherent problem of the free market is the creation of individual, social, and economic dependency on industries that might no longer be needed due to resource constraints or lack of necessity.  The best examples are the future of fossil fuel power plants and the automobile industry of the late 2000s.  The […]

Hungry Hungry Hippos: A metaphor for capitalism

March 10, 2012


By Justin Hayden If I were into conspiracy theories, I’d say the Milton Bradley Company is a propagandistic arm of the capitalist machine that has, for decades, been utilizing games as a means to mold the minds of our youth. Milton Bradley himself had an interest in kindergarten education and, according to the wisdom of […]

How to spot Right-Wing Propaganda: The Abortion Issue

March 9, 2012


The following image has recently been floating around Facebook, passed to us via a page called “Being Liberal”.  Leave it to the liberals to fail to recognize right-wing propaganda when they see it.  It appears to be a run-of-the-mill endorsement of the Pro-Choice position on the abortion question.  But take a closer look… Here we […]

Happy International Women’s Day from Selecting Stones

March 8, 2012


The scientific editors of Selecting Stones wish our readers — and, of course, especially our female readers — a happy International Women’s Day. What a great holiday!  It’s such a shame that it is so little celebrated in the U.S.  The U.S. is odd in other ways, too.  For example, everyone knows that Labor Day […]

Occupy Tulsa and the Contradiction of Left and Right

March 5, 2012


By Larry Duvalier Nobody likes to hear someone jabber on about German philosophy, but bear with me for a moment. After the death of G. W. F. Hegel, the great philosopher of contradictions, his followers split into two antagonistic factions.  The dividing line between them was directly political: Left Hegelians and Right Hegelians.  To make […]


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