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What Is A Landlord? What Is A Tenant?

July 31, 2012


A landlord is a person.  The only difference between him and any other person is that there exists a sheet of paper in an office somewhere which has both his name on it and the address of some specific building.  The tenant is also a person.  The tenant lives in the same building mentioned on […]

Cash For Gold: Welcome to the Olympics

July 27, 2012


By Rick Skull “Welcome to British Airways flight 292 to London Heathrow.  We’d like to invite travellers who are flying in the Super Silver Deluxe Club Class to now board the plane.” Carl Cameron of Fox News, on his way to cover the Olympics, scurries onto the plane and makes a quick turn to the […]

Teaching Eskimos How to Fish

July 22, 2012


By Rick Skull “My name is Britney Houseseller and I’m just so pleased to meet you,” said the blonde-haired young woman in colorful clothing. “Welcome to Eastern Greenland,” said Chief Resourceful Angler.  “What brings you here?” “I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer and I’m here to live with and aid your community,” she replied. “Where are […]

Woody Guthrie Today, and Woody Guthrie the Communist

July 15, 2012


By L. W. Denton Yesterday marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of legendary folk musician Woody Guthrie in Okemah, Oklahoma.  Guthrie has long been a controversial figure in Oklahoma and elsewhere for the simple reason that he was a communist. Woody Guthrie is most famous for two things: First, that he wrote the song […]

Leading with Puppets: The Peace Corps at Work in Peru

July 8, 2012


By Rick Skull This past Sunday I happened to be in the small Peruvian town of San Juan de Ondores, located in the central highlands.  The community was holding its annual festival in honor of John the Baptist and many traditional celebratory activities were taking place.  In the central plaza, awash with people, it was […]

The Process of Reproduction: Why would Argentine Dictators want to Steal Babies?

July 6, 2012


By Larry Duvalier An Argentine court yesterday convicted former military rulers Jorge Videla and Reynaldo Bignone of having orchestrated a systematic policy aimed at stealing the babies of leftist political prisoners during the period of right-wing military dictatorship in the country from 1976 to 1983.  Videla, naturally, denied that there had been any explicit policy […]

What’s really behind the Crisis in Paraguay?

July 4, 2012


By Bruno Fournier On Friday, June 15, clashes erupted in a rural area of northern Paraguay between the military and landless farmers who had occupied parts of a large estate.  In the event, 17 were killed.  The following week, on June 22, the Paraguayan parliament swiftly removed president Fernando Lugo, a former Roman Catholic bishop […]

The Higgs Boson, or the God Particle: Why all this Theology amidst Science?

July 3, 2012


By Bruno Fournier Within the upcoming hours, scientists from CERN are expected to announce the discovery of the Higgs boson, for which they have long been searching at the Large Hadron Collider on the French-Swiss border.  We leave it to more qualified voices —  such as Prof. Jim al-Khalili, who recently spoke to the BBC […]

The Case of Jim Bridenstine and John Sullivan: What Is Democracy?

July 2, 2012


By W. L. D. Jim Bridenstine beat incumbent John Sullivan in last Tuesday’s Republican Party primary in the 1st congressional district of Oklahoma, which includes the city of Tulsa.  In accordance with the political winds of our times, Bridenstine was the so-called “Tea Party favorite” over Sullivan, although in practical terms, all signs indicate that […]


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