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Saul on the Road to New Haven

September 30, 2012


By Misty Lee Saul sped along Connecticut Route 15 in his Audi Q5 as he returned to college from the summer break.  He’d had a good time in Europe, visiting France, the Netherlands, Germany and then Italy in a three week span.  The remainder of the time he had spent at home in Scarsdale, Westchester […]

Part Two of the Dialectic of Homelessness

September 28, 2012


By Eduardo Dijo Why is it a crime to be homeless?  Why do so many cities severely lacking in affordable housing and emergency shelter choose to criminalize the necessary, life-sustaining activities such as sitting, lying down, and sleeping that homeless individuals have no choice but to perform in public spaces? Personal note: A few weeks […]

Juan Cole Watch: Why is Prof. Cole so concerned about Jesus’ wife?

September 26, 2012


Last week, when the story came out about an interesting papyrus containing an ancient Coptic text mentioning Jesus’ wife, Prof. Juan Cole of the University of Michigan, naturally, felt the need to chime in on the topic via his lackluster blog, Informed Comment.  The post, entitled “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife and Sacred History from […]

Why the Suburbs are Haunted by the Specter of Communism

September 25, 2012


By Phil Ingram Jesse Clyde Nichols, the man who supposedly invented the suburban shopping mall, was something of a bourgeois visionary.  Not, of course, a visionary in the sense that he perfectly predicted the whole future of suburban real estate development in the second half of the twentieth century in every little detail.  We can […]

A Few Notes on Romney and Obama, and a Brief Explanation of all this 53% vs. 47% Nonsense

September 23, 2012


By Bruno Fournier Romney was caught on tape confessing his belief that 47% of the citizens of a State atavistically still called the United States of America are entirely dependent upon that State and will therefore, for some reason, not vote for him.  Obama, in response, made a big hoopla by claiming that his presidency […]

All Guns Pointed at Mitt Romney – The Con Man Cometh

September 20, 2012


By Phil Ingram We’re merely 48 days away from the next great victory of American democracy, so it comes as no surprise to the scientific editors of Selecting Stones that yet another trivializing distraction from real news has been endlessly recirculating this week within the reactionary media outlets in response to an offensive slew of […]

Google Incorporated Destroys Reason

September 19, 2012


By Phil Ingram Mythology by definition overcomes and shapes the forces of nature in the imagination and by the imagination until unconsciously it becomes a dominating arsenal and foundation of art. As we discovered yet again last week with the viral popularity of “The Innocence of Muslims” film on YouTube, the naively childish vision of […]

Standing in Mexican Shoes

September 17, 2012


By Rick Skull The graduate student took a class in Latin American history.  He was assigned a book called Zapata and the Mexican Revolution, by John Womack.  He purchased the book from a popular website named after a famous jungle with which it bore no resemblance.  He read the book cover to cover, at the […]

Ruthless Communism Is Necessary

September 15, 2012


By Phil Ingram “Only a Hector can have a premonition that he will fall by the hand of an Achilles.” Coercive measures taken by society in individual cases are often hard and brutally materialistic, but as scientific editors of Selecting Stones, our hatred and contempt for life under capitalism has always proven to be more […]

The Soviet Approach to Religion

September 14, 2012


Under the Soviet constitution, you were free to believe whatever crazy nonsense you wanted to, but the moment you tried to make somebody else believe in your nonsense, you had crossed the line.  You were impinging upon the rights of others to be free of superstition.  We could learn a great deal from their approach […]

Religion is Poison that Attacks the Nervous System

September 13, 2012


By Frank W. Strauch Some stupid Christian fundamentalists from that bastion of reactionary ideology known as SoCal have created a crappy YouTube video.  It features some guy who looks like an even dorkier version of Owen Wilson supposedly playing the role of the historical figure Muhammad, who is therein portrayed with a bunch of negative […]

Obituary for the Bourgeois Intellectual

September 12, 2012


Dear M-1 and, How is it that personal interests always develop, against the will of the individuals, into class interests, into common interests which acquire independent existence in relation to the individual persons, and in their independence assume the form of general interests?  How is it that as such they come into contradiction with […]

Chicago Public School Teachers are On Strike: What Does It All Mean?

September 10, 2012


By Frank W. Strauch Today, teachers from Chicago Public Schools went on strike after not reaching a deal for a new contract.  Predictably, media coverage is, one way or another, stacked against the teachers, whether it be from an openly anti-labor position, or from a liberal, moralistic position which blames the strikers for “hurting the […]

What is Barack Obama’s Relation to Marxism?

September 6, 2012


In his DNC speech, Obama said that the CEO of a car company should know to pay the company’s workers enough to be able to buy the cars they make because then the whole company is stronger. A Marxist, of course, would know that this is impossible in the long term.  And isn’t it a […]

Are You Still Not Sure What You Stand For? Here’s my number, so call me, maybe

September 5, 2012


By Frank W. Strauch A string of unexpected circumstances in my personal life as of the last week has led me to listen to hours upon hours of Top 40 radio over the past few days.  Though what they say about them playing the same songs over and over again is evidently quite true, Baltimore’s […]

How Come You’re Poor?

September 1, 2012


By Phil Ingram Many influential voices nowadays are foolishly proclaiming that the predicament of our times is that we don’t know what to revolt against in a concrete way.  Actually most people are almost universally agreed that society is completely fucked, i.e. that sooner or later the whole world will be Easter Island. Question 1: […]


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