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Part Two of the Dialectic of Landlord and Tenant

October 26, 2012


In part one of the Selecting Stones treatment of the dialectic of Landlord and Tenant, we examined this relationship from the standpoint of Work itself. We were therefore able to see quite clearly that the tenant has to work doubly hard in order to support the livelihood both of himself and of his landlord. From […]

Tried and Untrue Gods of Meaningless Chaos and Private Life: The Self-Righteous Father vs. the Self-Satisfied Philistine

October 16, 2012


By Jesús Salvatore Reporting from Topeka, Kansas In The Gay Science, Friedrich Nietzsche claimed in truly Germanic spirit that God was dead and that it was humanity who killed him.  It was a provocative statement in an age of Victorian comforts, when bourgeois society was no longer a rising force of historical development as such, […]

American Electoral Politics Sink to a New Low: Political Debate Revolves around Puppet Character called Big Bird

October 5, 2012


By Dawn Occidere I didn’t watch the “debate” between those two bourgeois politicians the other night, partially because the digital converter box atop my early-1990s-era television seems to have crapped out.  But I also didn’t watch it because… Who cares? It looks like the “political debate” in this pathetic excuse for a society called the […]


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