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Americans Continue to Kill Each Other with Guns for Absolutely No Reason

December 25, 2012


By Bruno Fournier Less than two weeks ago, some guy in Connecticut shot his mother dead and then slaughtered 20 children and six staff at an elementary school before killing himself. Yesterday, somebody else, seemingly for no reason, lured some volunteer firefighters into a trap in order to shoot them, and successfully killed two. Of […]

Waiting for Modern Barbarians

December 19, 2012


By S. M. A. There is a classic scene from ancient times where a good killing of innocent barbarians was arranged now and then to entertain the excited folk of the empire and rob power of its glamour.  Year after year a fine crowd would rush en masse into the capital’s gates, gather at the […]

BBC peddles in reactionary Biological Determinism and Social Darwinism, as usual

December 10, 2012


By Larry Duvalier A few days ago, BBC’s science news published an article entitled, “Is our political view really encoded in our genes?”  The article’s summary reads: There’s growing evidence to suggest that our political views can be inherited.  But before we decide to ditch the ballot box for a DNA test, Tom Stafford explains […]

Peasant and Chef: The Limits of Peruvian Gastro-Fascism, 1994-2012

December 8, 2012


By Javier Puente The son of the Bourgeoisie In 1994, in the context of privatization-based, neoliberal economic program within an increasingly authoritarian regime, a 27-year old Peruvian, son of a prominent politician, returned to the country after several years of elite education in Madrid and Paris.  There he proceeded to open a French restaurant — […]

Chart: What Happened to Dead Prez?

December 6, 2012


We present to the readers of Selecting Stones this chart so that they might learn something about Dead Prez.  It concisely explains the famous hip hop duo’s path of scientific progress, which has subsequently been replaced by a monstrous trend of ideological decay.

Raelism: A UFO cult on the World-Historical horizon marks the current trajectory of Bourgeois Ideology

December 2, 2012


By Bruno Fournier In 1973, a French race car enthusiast named Claude Vorilhon, who had just failed in his business plan to launch a racing magazine, decided that he’d be better off starting a religion, instead. Fortunately for him, as the story goes, he was visited in December of that year by an extraterrestrial being […]


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