Selecting Stones is your source for ruthless World-Historical 24/7 criticism of everything that exists.  If you’d like to get in contact with us, please write to:

If you want a better idea of what we’re all about and what we’re trying to accomplish, then please read our article Struggle or Extinction? And Other Inexorable Questions from May 1, 2011. Consider it a mission statement.

Please note, however, that not all our authors would agree with everything that is said on Selecting Stones, and that each individual author is responsible solely for the content of his or her own article. The scientific editors of Selecting Stones decide what goes in and what doesn’t, but please bear in mind that editorship and authorship are two separate things, in general. Similarly, the scientific editors claim responsibility only for what is actually published on Selecting Stones. We take no responsibility for what any individual author may say or do elsewhere. And also, just to be clear, links in and of themselves are not endorsements. Endorsements are endorsements.

If you have any interest in contributing to Selecting Stones, then please feel free to contact us at the email address above. As for the scope of Selecting Stones, our stated purpose is to cover everything existing. Our only explicit editorial policy is that we will not put out anything that directly contradicts the scientific world-view of historical and dialectical materialism. Therefore, essentially anything is fair game, so long as it is not reactionary, either in purpose or implication.

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