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Can Labor-Power Finally Destroy the United Arab Emirates? (and Qatar, too)

March 23, 2015


Labor-power (or Arbeitskraft) is indeed very powerful.  But is it powerful enough to bring down the oil sheikdoms of the Gulf? That was the question not posed today by the Wall Street Journal, which nevertheless saw fit to run a story on the closest thing you’ll ever see to a labor dispute in the Gulf.  […]

Syriza comes in first!

January 25, 2015


The scientific editors of Selecting Stones would like to take this opportunity to briefly congratulate Alexis Tsipras and Syriza for their stunning victory in Greece’s elections today. Although we understand the reasons why this is exceedingly unlikely to happen, the scientific editors of Selecting Stones would also like to encourage the KKE to take the […]

Saudi Arabia and OPEC cause problems

December 3, 2014


The scientific editors of Selecting Stones harshly admonish OPEC for the foolhardy decision last Thursday not to cut oil production.  In particular, we lay our scorn on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and on Ali al-Naimi, Saudi Arabia’s current Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. Of course, we understand why the Saudis took the charge […]

John Kerry Stopped at Safeway before Gaza Donors Conference

November 9, 2014


The photo below was snapped last month as John Kerry left Andrews Air Force Base en route to Cairo, Egypt for the Gaza Donors Conference on October 12. Let’s take a closer look. Indeed, Kerry is holding a Safeway bag. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters that the bag most likely contained cookies or […]

An Interesting Find from an ISIS Twitter Account

October 4, 2014


Yesterday, the Islamic State (affectionately known as ISIS around most water coolers) released a YouTube video depicting yet another beheading of one of the caliphate’s Anglo-Saxon prisoners.  This time the victim was Alan Henning, a middle-aged British humanitarian aid worker. Here at Selecting Stones we are admittedly as stunned as the rest of the world […]

Happy Fake American Labor Day!

September 1, 2014


This year, the first Monday of September happens to fall on the first of the month.  So, here you go, September 1, 2014: Happy Labor Day! Of course, only an American would believe that “Labor Day” is in September.  We should all know that, in fact, it is on the first of May. Even more […]

Should China Invade Iraq?

June 11, 2014


Armed jihadi bandits, awash in American weaponry and Saudi money, have seemingly moved away from their stalemate with the Syrian government toward the easy pickings just over the border in Iraq.  Incredibly easy pickings, in fact, given that they’ve taken over Iraq’s equivalent of Chicago and also Saddam Hussein’s hometown, all within the past 48 […]

Georgetown University gives salary to yet another warmonger: A profile of Dr. Matthew Kroenig

June 8, 2014


The scientific editors of Selecting Stones have on occasion found it tactically beneficial to publicly reveal the extent of the complex network of spies and informants that we maintain on the campus of Georgetown University.  This particular institute of Jesuit education is well known to steal money from scholarship funds set up by the families […]

More Nazi Attacks in Greater Kansas City Area — Three Dead at Jewish Community Centers

April 14, 2014


Only a few short months ago on November 9, 2013, a large gathering of Neo-Nazis associated with the “National Socialist Movement” held a rally in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. It fell on the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, and this was of course on purpose. At that time, the scientific editors of Selecting Stones warned our […]

Fred Phelps Is Dead!

March 20, 2014


Westboro Baptist Church spokesman Steve Drain revealed today that Fred Phelps died last night at 11:15pm CDT, apparently of natural causes. Also yesterday night, at approximately 10:00pm CDT, Selecting Stones released a small piece of news analysis on Phelps’s alleged excommunication.  Our own Frank W. Strauch made the astute observation that, by the Westboro Baptist […]

Happy International Women’s Day 2014

March 8, 2014


Happy International Women’s Day from the scientific editors of Selecting Stones. In keeping with our practice from 2012 and 2013, we present a small collection of images in honor of the holiday. Here is an old favorite… a classic, in fact: And here is something from a few years ago by cartoonist Carlos Latuff:

On the Proposal to Abolish Marriage in Oklahoma

January 28, 2014


About three years ago, state legislators introduced a bill to ban Islamic law (sharia) in Oklahoma.  It remains a mystery why certain right-wing politicians in the United States of America think that there is an imminent and realistic threat of their courts beginning to hand down decisions based on Islamic sharia.  Likewise, it remains a […]

Confederate Flag Merchandise at a Kanye West Concert

December 4, 2013


The following image demonstrates some merchandise for sale at a Kanye West concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri on the evening of December 3, 2013. Here are some zoomed-in views: Note that “Yeezus” is the name of Kanye West’s hot new album. What can be said about this?  Other than the obvious, […]

Homelessness in America’s Wealthiest Counties: Arlington County, VA

November 26, 2013


Each year, Forbes magazine publishes its list of the United States of America’s wealthiest counties.  As usual, Arlington County, Virginia — a snake’s den of America’s most God-fearing defense contractors, CIA employees, and retired four-star generals, just across the Potomac River from DC — comes in near the top of the list.  As Forbes itself […]

Kansas City Welcomes Neo-Nazi Rally, making it World’s Most Reactionary Place

November 7, 2013


This Saturday, November 9, 2013, Neo-Nazis from the American “National Socialist Movement” will converge on the Jackson County Courthouse in downtown Kansas City, Missouri for a rally.  The Kansas City Star reports that two groups are planning counter-protests, which is good news, but the shocking fact that this Nazi rally is to go forward this […]

Dennis Rodman Returns to Pyongyang, and Super-Wealthy Hindu Guru Asaram Bapu Rapes Teenage Girl

September 5, 2013


Now, here at Selecting Stones, we normally take a strong stance against patting ourselves on the back.  However, in recent months, we totally made the right call on political developments in Bhutan and the world of Hindu guru Mata Amritanandamayi.  We were so on target, in fact, that the New York Times was playing catch […]

Arab country awaits American attack over chemical weapons accusations

August 27, 2013


Haven’t we seen this headline before?  As in, a little over ten years ago in Iraq? Let us offer a quote that appeared today in the New York Times to illustrate a point: Even without the evidence that the inspectors are collecting, the United States and other Western powers have concluded that the attack last […]

Cunning of Reason Appears in 2013 Bhutanese Parliamentary Elections

July 14, 2013


Dear Readers of Selecting Stones, Results returned yesterday from Bhutan’s 2013 parliamentary elections, revealing a surprise upset victory by the opposition People’s Democratic Party over the ruling Peace and Prosperity Party.  The implications of this political upset for the small Himalayan kingdom remain to be seen, but for now it seems that the main contested […]

Boston Marathon Bombings raise Juan Cole Threat Level to High

April 15, 2013


Because of the two bombings this afternoon at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, we are working under the assumption that Prof. Juan R. I. Cole is more likely than usual to make stupid statements about terrorism, Osama Bin Ladin, and Timothy McVeigh within the next 24 to 48 hours.  For this reason, the […]

Ten Years Ago Today, America Bombed the Shit out of Baghdad for No Reason (“Shock and Awe” a decade later)

March 21, 2013


One decade + two days ago, America and its Coalition of the Willing™ (including such famously reactionary states as Poland, which has been feverishly Catholic ever since 1989) invaded Iraq, seemingly at the time (and now) for absolutely no reason at all other than that Saddam Hussein represented an old Cold War relic that still […]


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