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Scientific editors to decommission Juan Cole Watch Threat Advisory System, citing absence of threats from Juan Cole

April 16, 2015


By Hercules Abdelaziz Reporting from Prince George’s County, Maryland. The scientific editors of Selecting Stones have elected to decommission our unique Juan Cole Watch Threat Advisory System.  Though a truly pathbreaking feat of innovation at the time of its introduction, it has now reached the end of its useful life.  Professor Juan Cole has demonstrated […]

Fake Online Degree Mill Publishes Fake Online Academic Journal

July 22, 2014


By Dawn Occidere and Frank W. Strauch Every now and then, the scientific editors of Selecting Stones like to dig through some old press releases that they having sitting around on their trash heap in order to see what stupid nonsense PR firms have been promoting lately.  Recently, we came across an old gem from […]

An Interesting Type: People who write their own Wikipedia pages

February 13, 2013


On a relatively routine basis, the scientific editors of Selecting Stones like to discuss the culture of academia, the place in society where undeserved self-importance abounds perhaps more than anywhere else.  We have examined the ways in which academia cloisters itself from the world in a self-referential formalism that serves no purpose other than its […]

Selecting Stones implements new Threat Advisory System for Juan Cole Watch

February 10, 2013


As of Sunday, February 10, 2013, the ongoing Juan Cole Watch on Selecting Stones will implement a new Threat Advisory System.  We will be constantly monitoring the activities of Prof. Cole in order to warn the public of new threats.  In particular, the Threat Advisory System will alert unsuspecting readers to the current danger posed […]

Juan Cole Watch: What does Juan Cole’s secret Love Affair with the CIA say about Academia?

January 27, 2013


Middle East Studies professor Juan Cole fancies himself something of a superstar among academic armchair-leftists, thanks in no small part to his mindless and puerile blog Informed Comment, which is apparently quite popular among other academic armchair-leftists.  What are the “left-wing” credentials of somebody like Juan Cole, though?  It remains something of a question.  After […]

Saul on the Road to New Haven

September 30, 2012


By Misty Lee Saul sped along Connecticut Route 15 in his Audi Q5 as he returned to college from the summer break.  He’d had a good time in Europe, visiting France, the Netherlands, Germany and then Italy in a three week span.  The remainder of the time he had spent at home in Scarsdale, Westchester […]

Juan Cole Watch: Why is Prof. Cole so concerned about Jesus’ wife?

September 26, 2012


Last week, when the story came out about an interesting papyrus containing an ancient Coptic text mentioning Jesus’ wife, Prof. Juan Cole of the University of Michigan, naturally, felt the need to chime in on the topic via his lackluster blog, Informed Comment.  The post, entitled “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife and Sacred History from […]

Standing in Mexican Shoes

September 17, 2012


By Rick Skull The graduate student took a class in Latin American history.  He was assigned a book called Zapata and the Mexican Revolution, by John Womack.  He purchased the book from a popular website named after a famous jungle with which it bore no resemblance.  He read the book cover to cover, at the […]

Real Lives of Graduate Students: Jacob Ide

January 6, 2012


And we’re back!  Real Lives of Graduate Students continues with a response to our questionnaire by a philosophy student named Jacob. Enjoy our third installment of this series, and keep checking back to learn more about the real lives of graduate students! Name? Jacob Ide Age? 29 Occupation? Graduate Teaching Assistant Why graduate school, as […]

Real Lives of Graduate Students: Mike Rieger

December 26, 2011


We continue our Selecting Stones feature series “Real Lives of Graduate Students” with a look into the world of a scientist named Mike Rieger. Enjoy! Name? Mike Rieger Age? 29 Occupation? Scientist. Why graduate school, as opposed to something else? I would like to be a research scientist.  There isn’t really a “license” for that, […]

Real Lives of Graduate Students: Ginger Roberts

December 11, 2011


We begin the Selecting Stones series “Real Lives of Graduate Students” with a response to our questionnaire submitted by Ginger Roberts.  All answers are presented exactly as they were given to us, with no editing.  Thanks, Ginger, for participating!  And, to you the reader, we hope that you gain some insight into the workings of […]

Announcing a New Feature Series on Selecting Stones: “Real Lives of Graduate Students”

November 19, 2011


In the upcoming weeks, Selecting Stones will be featuring a new series called “Real Lives of Graduate Students”.  The name more or less speaks for itself.  We will explore the lives of graduate students of all different varieties, and we will attempt to learn as much as we can. Who are these people?  What is […]

Academia, the Self-Referential Exploiter

November 5, 2011


By Frank W. Strauch The claim of academia is that it studies the world, the real existing world, in all of its richness.  In fact, however, it has no interest whatsoever in the real world.  Instead, it is interested only in itself.  The academic’s frame of reference is not the world that he claims to […]


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