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Should you vote for Obama on Tuesday?

November 4, 2012


By Misty Lee and Frank W. Strauch The canvasser climbed the steps to the front door and knocked twice. “Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?”  The resident of the dwelling opened the door. “I’m Terry from the Obama-Biden campaign,” said the young man in a cheerful way. “I’m just here to ask if the president can count […]

What is Barack Obama’s Relation to Marxism?

September 6, 2012


In his DNC speech, Obama said that the CEO of a car company should know to pay the company’s workers enough to be able to buy the cars they make because then the whole company is stronger. A Marxist, of course, would know that this is impossible in the long term.  And isn’t it a […]

François Hollande deceives the French with false hopes, just like Barack Obama did to the Americans

May 9, 2012


By Bruno Fournier The French have elected François Hollande of the Socialist Party as their new president, and now everyone is dancing in the streets, convinced that this election somehow actually means something.  In a capitalist society such as France, the primary role of electoral politics is to bedazzle the population into confusion, to make […]

Catholic Reactionary Santorum drops out, leaving the race to Business Tycoon Romney

April 10, 2012


By Frank W. Strauch Former Senator Rick Santorum just announced that he was suspending his campaign for the Republican Party nomination in the American presidential race.  It is not as if he ever had a chance in the first place against Mitt Romney, but now the way is paved for the embodiment of Capital itself, […]

Ron Paul and the mask of capitalist villainy

December 27, 2011


By Justin Hayden Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein recently tweeted a link to an article disclosing the contents of Ron Paul’s investment portfolio. Evidently, Rep. Paul has invested 64% of his total investments in the stocks of gold and silver mining companies. According to a Connecticut-based investment manager, Paul’s portfolio is “a half-step away from […]

Obama’s Math of Class Warfare, or Morality and Reason

September 20, 2011


By Bruno Fournier Today, Barack Obama gave a speech outlining his proposal to cut the deficit by trillions of dollars, and he made it quite clear that the raw numbers of the situation require tax increases for the wealthiest Americans.  Then, to assuage any fears of the unthinkable, he added, “This is not class warfare; […]

The U.S. Debt Rating: Downgraded into Mysticism

August 8, 2011


By Dawn Occidere Standard and Poor’s downgrades the U.S. debt rating, the Dow Jones goes into a wild tailspin, and meanwhile Italy enters its own debt crisis, and stock markets in Asia and the Middle East sharply dip as an immediate response to the fears elicited by EU officials and the venerable S&P.  (A report […]

The Debt Ceiling and the Holy Alliance of Magical Creatures

July 22, 2011


By Larry Duvalier Last week, the website Business Insider ran a story with the apocalyptic title “40 Facts That Prove The Working Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Out.”  Wow, that’s strongly worded!!  I invite you to take a look at the article because a lot of the facts cited are quite eye-opening.  For example, supposedly […]

Theses on Dead Prez: Abolishing the Family

June 13, 2011


By Anthony Burton The solution is already outlined in the thesis: circumstances are changed by men and the educator must himself be educated. This is why the Bolsheviks had to kill the tsar and destroy his patrimony.  This is why Dead Prez is right to insist on dropping out of school – their school – in […]

A Note on the Intellectual Bankruptcy of American Liberalism

June 8, 2011


By Tom Carpenter Heresy is a difficult pill to swallow but it goes down easier with a modicum of orthodoxy.  So, I’ll begin by confessing that once upon a time the Daily Show was a species of religious observance for me.  There were few more avid fans and — run if need be — bets […]

Charge it to a Bitch: There Is Only Palestine

May 22, 2011


By Eduardo Dijo Warning: This essay contains explicit language and adult content and therefore it is intended only for mature audiences. “Sing, Goddess, of the rage, of Peleus’ son Achilles, The accursed rage, which brought pain to thousands of the Achaeans.” We all know that democracy is precious, but how precious is it exactly? Is […]

Vicissitudes of Freedom: Ignorant Causes and Causes of Ignorance

May 17, 2011


By Eduardo Dijo After an eight-year manhunt costing billions of dollars and who knows how many innocent lives, involving unprecedented advantages in terms of technology and manpower, US forces finally managed to catch an elderly man who was dying of kidney failure while hiding out in his harem. “Yes we can!” Are we seriously supposed […]

Hopefully Bin Ladin’s death won’t really matter

May 2, 2011


By Bruno Fournier Excellent news!  The bastard finally got what he deserved.  It’s been a long time in the coming.  In a thoroughly ironic twist and turn of history, Barack Obama has now achieved what Mikhail Gorbachev could not. Down at the White House, everyone is gathered around, celebrating, and waving the American flag.  “U.S.A.”  […]


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