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Sheer Predictability: Labor Once Again Triumphs Over Capital

June 2, 2013


By Rick Skull Last night Robert Kraft, who up unto that point was considered to be the owner of the Kraft Group, waived his claim that the company constituted private property.  Mr. Kraft finally agreed to the generous offer on behalf of representatives of labor whereby he would be relocated to a city of his […]

Why the Suburbs are Haunted by the Specter of Communism

September 25, 2012


By Phil Ingram Jesse Clyde Nichols, the man who supposedly invented the suburban shopping mall, was something of a bourgeois visionary.  Not, of course, a visionary in the sense that he perfectly predicted the whole future of suburban real estate development in the second half of the twentieth century in every little detail.  We can […]

A Few Notes on Romney and Obama, and a Brief Explanation of all this 53% vs. 47% Nonsense

September 23, 2012


By Bruno Fournier Romney was caught on tape confessing his belief that 47% of the citizens of a State atavistically still called the United States of America are entirely dependent upon that State and will therefore, for some reason, not vote for him.  Obama, in response, made a big hoopla by claiming that his presidency […]

All Guns Pointed at Mitt Romney – The Con Man Cometh

September 20, 2012


By Phil Ingram We’re merely 48 days away from the next great victory of American democracy, so it comes as no surprise to the scientific editors of Selecting Stones that yet another trivializing distraction from real news has been endlessly recirculating this week within the reactionary media outlets in response to an offensive slew of […]

How Come You’re Poor?

September 1, 2012


By Phil Ingram Many influential voices nowadays are foolishly proclaiming that the predicament of our times is that we don’t know what to revolt against in a concrete way.  Actually most people are almost universally agreed that society is completely fucked, i.e. that sooner or later the whole world will be Easter Island. Question 1: […]

American Capitalist Culture, the Mediocrity of Ayn Rand, How Labor Creates Value, and Other Topics

August 17, 2012


By Frank W. Strauch …and, yes, then there’s Ayn Rand.  One of the many pities about this bizarre country called the United States of America is that, somehow, people think you’re doing something “intellectually” profound by reading Ayn Rand.  If you want to come off as “educated” why not try reading — I don’t know […]

How to spot Right-Wing Propaganda: The Abortion Issue

March 9, 2012


The following image has recently been floating around Facebook, passed to us via a page called “Being Liberal”.  Leave it to the liberals to fail to recognize right-wing propaganda when they see it.  It appears to be a run-of-the-mill endorsement of the Pro-Choice position on the abortion question.  But take a closer look… Here we […]

Selecting Stones Presents: Karl Marx on so-called “Gentrification”

February 7, 2012


‘Improvements’ of towns which accompany the increase of wealth, such as the demolition of badly built districts, the erection of palaces to house banks, warehouses, etc., the widening of streets for business traffic, for luxury carriages, for the introduction of tramways, obviously drive the poor away into even worse and more crowded corners. — Karl […]


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