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Occupying the Site Formerly Known as Wall Street, part three

November 22, 2013


By Misty Lee …Continued from part two, All three of the protesters began to glare at the police officer whom Reagan had spotted, looking to elicit some sort of response.  They were defying the state!  Wasn’t he going to crack down on them?  He glanced up from a comic book and then returned to it.  […]

Occupying the Site Formerly Known as Wall Street, part one

November 13, 2013


By Misty Lee Reagan Campbell read through one of the city’s many different newspapers and learned of the final capitulation of Robert Kraft to the pressure of Labor.  Having resisted for months, he had conceded that the Kraft Group did not constitute private property and should be reorganized so that all may benefit equally from […]

Excerpt from an upcoming book: YES WE CANNIBALISM

January 1, 2013


Selecting Stones welcomes the year 2013 with an excerpt from an upcoming book, Yes We Cannibalism: America’s New Era of Refined Illusions. Yes We Cannibalism America’s New Era of Refined Illusions by Phil Ingram Part One: The 9/11 Necromancy and the World-Historical Spirit of Napoleon Bonaparte “In times of danger the people always fled to […]

Why the Suburbs are Haunted by the Specter of Communism

September 25, 2012


By Phil Ingram Jesse Clyde Nichols, the man who supposedly invented the suburban shopping mall, was something of a bourgeois visionary.  Not, of course, a visionary in the sense that he perfectly predicted the whole future of suburban real estate development in the second half of the twentieth century in every little detail.  We can […]

How Come You’re Poor?

September 1, 2012


By Phil Ingram Many influential voices nowadays are foolishly proclaiming that the predicament of our times is that we don’t know what to revolt against in a concrete way.  Actually most people are almost universally agreed that society is completely fucked, i.e. that sooner or later the whole world will be Easter Island. Question 1: […]

Woody Guthrie Today, and Woody Guthrie the Communist

July 15, 2012


By L. W. Denton Yesterday marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of legendary folk musician Woody Guthrie in Okemah, Oklahoma.  Guthrie has long been a controversial figure in Oklahoma and elsewhere for the simple reason that he was a communist. Woody Guthrie is most famous for two things: First, that he wrote the song […]

The Myth of the Communist Witch Hunt: McCarthyism and the so-called End of History

May 16, 2012


By Rick Skull It has become a point of consensus in American historical understanding that the efforts of conservatives to rid the country of communists in the early Cold War were part of an irrational crusade against an imagined enemy.  “Reds under the bed” are jovially referred to.  The chief protagonist and poster child is […]

Communists win 20% in recent Russian elections

December 25, 2011


By Bruno Fournier Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the official dissolution of the Soviet Union.  A few weeks ago, Russian parliamentary elections delivered approximately twenty percent of the vote to the Russian Communist Party.  This is not some exercise in numerology.  There is nothing magical about the number 20.  And yet, somehow, it all […]

Time to Die

July 24, 2011


By Anonymous Imagine there’s no heaven or hell, no countries and no religion, no possessions, greed or hunger…“it’s easy if you try.” Imagine a brotherhood of man, a world as one, etc. Live for today, live in peace, share all the world. Imagine there’s nothing to kill or die for. An impassioned protest, perhaps, but […]


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