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Political Parties With Shitty Websites: The Green Mountain Republic

December 22, 2013


By Misty Lee “…a separation must be staged with the bloated bureaucracy of the United States.  This break must occur on all levels: political, economic, societal, cultual, [sic] and emotional.” So says the webmaster of our latest shitty website, that of a party “founded on the belief that democracy CANNOT be practiced on a large […]

A Few Notes on Romney and Obama, and a Brief Explanation of all this 53% vs. 47% Nonsense

September 23, 2012


By Bruno Fournier Romney was caught on tape confessing his belief that 47% of the citizens of a State atavistically still called the United States of America are entirely dependent upon that State and will therefore, for some reason, not vote for him.  Obama, in response, made a big hoopla by claiming that his presidency […]

All Guns Pointed at Mitt Romney – The Con Man Cometh

September 20, 2012


By Phil Ingram We’re merely 48 days away from the next great victory of American democracy, so it comes as no surprise to the scientific editors of Selecting Stones that yet another trivializing distraction from real news has been endlessly recirculating this week within the reactionary media outlets in response to an offensive slew of […]

What’s really behind the Crisis in Paraguay?

July 4, 2012


By Bruno Fournier On Friday, June 15, clashes erupted in a rural area of northern Paraguay between the military and landless farmers who had occupied parts of a large estate.  In the event, 17 were killed.  The following week, on June 22, the Paraguayan parliament swiftly removed president Fernando Lugo, a former Roman Catholic bishop […]

The Case of Jim Bridenstine and John Sullivan: What Is Democracy?

July 2, 2012


By W. L. D. Jim Bridenstine beat incumbent John Sullivan in last Tuesday’s Republican Party primary in the 1st congressional district of Oklahoma, which includes the city of Tulsa.  In accordance with the political winds of our times, Bridenstine was the so-called “Tea Party favorite” over Sullivan, although in practical terms, all signs indicate that […]

Life and Death in an Era of Refined Illusions

March 30, 2012


By Anthony Burton In seventeenth-century England, a reactionary mouthpiece for the defeated feudal aristocracy – whose decay as a class was only inevitable within the boundaries set by the natural laws of social development – bellowed out desperately in the midst of the ruthless bloodletting that accompanied the basic dialectic of material progress towards capitalism […]

The Owl of Minerva flies high over Helsinki

May 8, 2011


By Dawn Occidere The true irony of the Arab Spring is that, whilst the Arabs openly declare their allegiance to the universal of political democracy, the Europeans move toward the particularity of their right-wing nationalist parties.  The logic of Eurocentrism posits “the West” as the progressive democratic universal, and “the East” as the backward theological […]


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