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John Kerry Stopped at Safeway before Gaza Donors Conference

November 9, 2014


The photo below was snapped last month as John Kerry left Andrews Air Force Base en route to Cairo, Egypt for the Gaza Donors Conference on October 12. Let’s take a closer look. Indeed, Kerry is holding a Safeway bag. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters that the bag most likely contained cookies or […]

Protests and Contradictions on the Second Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution

January 25, 2013


By Dawn Occidere Today marks the second anniversary of the date to which the beginning of the 2011 Egyptian revolution is generally ascribed.  Naturally, today’s symbolic importance was not lost on the Egyptian multitudes, and so protests by opponents of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood have erupted today in cities all across the country.  Some have […]

Religion is Poison that Attacks the Nervous System

September 13, 2012


By Frank W. Strauch Some stupid Christian fundamentalists from that bastion of reactionary ideology known as SoCal have created a crappy YouTube video.  It features some guy who looks like an even dorkier version of Owen Wilson supposedly playing the role of the historical figure Muhammad, who is therein portrayed with a bunch of negative […]

Muslim Brotherhood sends Egyptian stock market soaring

June 25, 2012


In a cacophony of nonsense, Selecting Stones took it upon itself to cut through the hype and lay bare the real nature of the Muslim Brotherhood, as a part of our ongoing project, The Encyclopaedia of the Bourgeoisie.  In its objective orientation, the Brotherhood is a run-of-the-mill party of the middle bourgeoisie.  It protects, above […]

German “Pirate Party” Takes Politics to an even higher level of Charade

June 9, 2012


By Bruno Fournier Recent elections in Germany have given a new political party known as the “Pirate Party” a sudden splash on the political scene, as it has gained seats in four of Germany’s sixteen state-level legislatures.  You can catch the full story from the BBC or NPR, or check out a good account by […]

Encyclopaedia of the Bourgeoisie: Muslim Brotherhood

February 6, 2012


Muslim Brotherhood The Muslim Brotherhood is a bourgeois political party in Egypt espousing a right-leaning populist rhetoric, similar in many ways to Christian Democratic parties in Europe.  The organization was founded in Egypt in 1928 by a schoolteacher named Hassan al-Banna, and has produced many offshoots, both directly and by imitation, in various countries of […]

A Selecting Stones Review of 2011, and a Warm Welcome to 2012

December 31, 2011


By the Scientific Editors of Selecting Stones It goes without saying that 2011 has been an eventful year.  One crisis after another.  We could get into all the details, but let’s try to keep this short, instead, because the past is in the past, and the future is what matters. The Arab Spring, perpetual economic […]

Fire in Cairo: Deadly Clashes in Tahrir Square

November 19, 2011


By Bruno Fournier After Hosni Mubarak stepped down as President of Egypt back in February, none of the contradictions within the ongoing Egyptian Revolution of 2011 were really resolved.  Power simply went explicitly into the hands of the Army, where it had already rested, behind the scenes, for decades.  Since the fall of Mubarak, Egyptians […]

The Owl of Minerva flies high over Wasilla, Alaska

May 26, 2011


By Dawn Occidere As the most common interpretation of Middle Eastern history goes, the Arab countries’ defeat in the 1967 war with Israel marked the beginning of the end of secular Arab nationalism, and the subsequent rise of radical Islamism.  The events of 1967 were a crushing defeat for the secular Arab regimes.  For some […]

The Owl of Minerva flies high over Cairo

April 29, 2011


By Dawn Occidere The Arab Spring gives way to the Arab Summer as events escalate — to put it mildly — in Syria.  This year in which we’re living, 2011, has already proven itself to be an eventful one, and who can know how the rest of the year will take shape?  The Arab counties […]

The End of the Third World as we know it

February 28, 2011


By Dawn Occidere I despise REM, but now that I have your attention… It started in Tunisia, it moved to a new stage—with the aid of cell-phone cameras and satellite dishes—in Egypt, and now here it is in Libya, in its most violent form.  Perhaps it comes as no surprise that Qadhafi would do what […]


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