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Are Fascists Taking Over the European Parliament?

May 26, 2014


By Bruno Fournier Unless you have been living under a rock (or in North America or possibly Qatar), then you have undoubtedly heard about the results of yesterday’s elections for the European Parliament.  In a nutshell, Far Right parties made major gains, most notably in France where the neo-fascist Front National — now painted up […]

Cunning of Reason Appears in 2013 Bhutanese Parliamentary Elections

July 14, 2013


Dear Readers of Selecting Stones, Results returned yesterday from Bhutan’s 2013 parliamentary elections, revealing a surprise upset victory by the opposition People’s Democratic Party over the ruling Peace and Prosperity Party.  The implications of this political upset for the small Himalayan kingdom remain to be seen, but for now it seems that the main contested […]

Protests and Contradictions on the Second Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution

January 25, 2013


By Dawn Occidere Today marks the second anniversary of the date to which the beginning of the 2011 Egyptian revolution is generally ascribed.  Naturally, today’s symbolic importance was not lost on the Egyptian multitudes, and so protests by opponents of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood have erupted today in cities all across the country.  Some have […]

Should you vote for Obama on Tuesday?

November 4, 2012


By Misty Lee and Frank W. Strauch The canvasser climbed the steps to the front door and knocked twice. “Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?”  The resident of the dwelling opened the door. “I’m Terry from the Obama-Biden campaign,” said the young man in a cheerful way. “I’m just here to ask if the president can count […]

American Electoral Politics Sink to a New Low: Political Debate Revolves around Puppet Character called Big Bird

October 5, 2012


By Dawn Occidere I didn’t watch the “debate” between those two bourgeois politicians the other night, partially because the digital converter box atop my early-1990s-era television seems to have crapped out.  But I also didn’t watch it because… Who cares? It looks like the “political debate” in this pathetic excuse for a society called the […]

What is Barack Obama’s Relation to Marxism?

September 6, 2012


In his DNC speech, Obama said that the CEO of a car company should know to pay the company’s workers enough to be able to buy the cars they make because then the whole company is stronger. A Marxist, of course, would know that this is impossible in the long term.  And isn’t it a […]

The Case of Jim Bridenstine and John Sullivan: What Is Democracy?

July 2, 2012


By W. L. D. Jim Bridenstine beat incumbent John Sullivan in last Tuesday’s Republican Party primary in the 1st congressional district of Oklahoma, which includes the city of Tulsa.  In accordance with the political winds of our times, Bridenstine was the so-called “Tea Party favorite” over Sullivan, although in practical terms, all signs indicate that […]

Muslim Brotherhood sends Egyptian stock market soaring

June 25, 2012


In a cacophony of nonsense, Selecting Stones took it upon itself to cut through the hype and lay bare the real nature of the Muslim Brotherhood, as a part of our ongoing project, The Encyclopaedia of the Bourgeoisie.  In its objective orientation, the Brotherhood is a run-of-the-mill party of the middle bourgeoisie.  It protects, above […]

German “Pirate Party” Takes Politics to an even higher level of Charade

June 9, 2012


By Bruno Fournier Recent elections in Germany have given a new political party known as the “Pirate Party” a sudden splash on the political scene, as it has gained seats in four of Germany’s sixteen state-level legislatures.  You can catch the full story from the BBC or NPR, or check out a good account by […]

François Hollande deceives the French with false hopes, just like Barack Obama did to the Americans

May 9, 2012


By Bruno Fournier The French have elected François Hollande of the Socialist Party as their new president, and now everyone is dancing in the streets, convinced that this election somehow actually means something.  In a capitalist society such as France, the primary role of electoral politics is to bedazzle the population into confusion, to make […]

Ron Paul and the mask of capitalist villainy

December 27, 2011


By Justin Hayden Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein recently tweeted a link to an article disclosing the contents of Ron Paul’s investment portfolio. Evidently, Rep. Paul has invested 64% of his total investments in the stocks of gold and silver mining companies. According to a Connecticut-based investment manager, Paul’s portfolio is “a half-step away from […]

Communists win 20% in recent Russian elections

December 25, 2011


By Bruno Fournier Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the official dissolution of the Soviet Union.  A few weeks ago, Russian parliamentary elections delivered approximately twenty percent of the vote to the Russian Communist Party.  This is not some exercise in numerology.  There is nothing magical about the number 20.  And yet, somehow, it all […]

Fire in Cairo: Deadly Clashes in Tahrir Square

November 19, 2011


By Bruno Fournier After Hosni Mubarak stepped down as President of Egypt back in February, none of the contradictions within the ongoing Egyptian Revolution of 2011 were really resolved.  Power simply went explicitly into the hands of the Army, where it had already rested, behind the scenes, for decades.  Since the fall of Mubarak, Egyptians […]

Everybody Knows that Iran is developing a Nuclear Weapon: Ahmadinejad wants to be Bombed

November 8, 2011


By Larry Duvalier Today, the IAEA finally issued a report which reveals evidence that Iran’s nuclear program may, in fact, be geared toward weapons production.  All the major media outlets are covering the story, so take your pick from CNN, the BBC, Al-Jazeera, or Ha’aretz.  Better yet, go directly to the report. Of course Iran […]

The Owl of Minerva flies high over Helsinki

May 8, 2011


By Dawn Occidere The true irony of the Arab Spring is that, whilst the Arabs openly declare their allegiance to the universal of political democracy, the Europeans move toward the particularity of their right-wing nationalist parties.  The logic of Eurocentrism posits “the West” as the progressive democratic universal, and “the East” as the backward theological […]

Peruvian Racism Rises Again: the new face of an old animal

May 2, 2011


By Javier Puente Peruvian presidential elections held on April 10th have led the country into a rather disappointing scenario.  The final round will be between former Army commander Ollanta Humala Tasso and Keiko Fujimori, Alberto’s daughter.  Ollanta has allegedly received financial support and political influence from Hugo Chávez, while Keiko carries with her most of […]


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