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On the Proposal to Abolish Marriage in Oklahoma

January 28, 2014


About three years ago, state legislators introduced a bill to ban Islamic law (sharia) in Oklahoma.  It remains a mystery why certain right-wing politicians in the United States of America think that there is an imminent and realistic threat of their courts beginning to hand down decisions based on Islamic sharia.  Likewise, it remains a […]

The Life and Death of a Blog: Socialism Wins Again

May 19, 2013


By Rick Skull In researching and writing an article yesterday on the latest Star Trek film I stumbled across a blog, hosted by  The web address seemed to make clear the intent of its founder: (SDNW).  This short-lived but spirited website was primarily concerned with warning Americans of the danger posed by Barack […]

No More Sorcery Act in Papua New Guinea after Angry Mob Burns Falsely-Accused Witch atop Neighborhood Trash Heap

March 7, 2013


By Liangyi Chen The sovereign state of Papua New Guinea – which the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II presently claims as one of the sixteen commonwealth realms over which Her Majesty still technically reigns supreme – is a land riddled with contradictions.  To this very day, old-fashioned historians of civilization still can’t resist the temptation […]

Where Is Africa? – Moorish Science’s Taj Tarik Bey Wrestles with the Confusion of Life on the Streets

February 14, 2013


By Phil Ingram At the beginning of the Phenomenology, Hegel remarks that by the little which satisfies the spirit, we can measure the extent of its loss.  Having followed Taj Tarik Bey’s ideological development for nearly two years now, the scientific editors of Selecting Stones are convinced that there is no more poignant example of […]

Ruthless Communism Is Necessary

September 15, 2012


By Phil Ingram “Only a Hector can have a premonition that he will fall by the hand of an Achilles.” Coercive measures taken by society in individual cases are often hard and brutally materialistic, but as scientific editors of Selecting Stones, our hatred and contempt for life under capitalism has always proven to be more […]

What Is A Landlord? What Is A Tenant?

July 31, 2012


A landlord is a person.  The only difference between him and any other person is that there exists a sheet of paper in an office somewhere which has both his name on it and the address of some specific building.  The tenant is also a person.  The tenant lives in the same building mentioned on […]

Recent Events at Occupy DC, and the Institution of Private Property

December 8, 2011


By Bruno Fournier and Dawn Occidere Occupy DC has made its way into the news this week.  For most of its two-month period of existence, Occupy DC has been among the most peaceful and least disruptive of all the various Occupy encampments across the U.S.  This started to change on Sunday, with 31 arrests after […]

Legality and Illegality of Occupy Wall Street

October 10, 2011


By Bruno Fournier Just like the upper middle class whose objective interests it currently represents, the Occupy Wall Street movement lacks heroism.  Let us set aside the question of non-violence vs. violence, for the real question of the hour is legality vs. illegality.  Occupy Wall Street has opted for the tactic of non-violence, but they […]

Sharia in Oklahoma, or Who is the Bigger Idiot: State congresswoman Sally Kern, or Middle East Studies professor Juan Cole?

June 16, 2011


By Larry Duvalier Juan Cole just said something rather strange on his blog, Informed Comment.  The piece covers the arrest yesterday of five Pakistani C.I.A. informants by Pakistani authorities.  Big news, no doubt.  Cole notes that U.S.-Pakistan relations have recently been “breaking down” in “alarming ways.”  He cites the case of Raymond Davis, an American […]

Legalizing Gay Marriage While the Family is Already Abolished

June 14, 2011


By Anthony Burton In my last essay, “Theses on Dead Prez: Abolishing the Family,” I urged my fellow comrades who are still intellectually and emotionally enslaved to the American educational system – their educational system – to drop out of school immediately and start reading Marx, because the precarious conditions of existence for the proletariat […]

Is Gay Marriage actually Conservative?

June 12, 2011


By Bruno Fournier Let’s face one of the most contentious issues of the contemporary U.S. culture wars head-on: Gay Marriage.  What I am about to present here may seem an act of sacrilege to many, but that is because it is so infrequently attempted.  The Gay Rights movement and the explosive issue of gay marriage […]


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