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Occupying the Site Formerly Known as Wall Street, part two

November 19, 2013


By Misty Lee …Continued from part one, The location for a political protest was in many ways obvious.  It was the area in lower Manhattan that had been the center of the United States government since the nineteenth century.  Long referred to as Wall Street, it had been renamed after the revolution to Rosenberg Street, […]

The Characteristics of Occupy Tulsa

November 15, 2011


By Larry Duvalier and Phil Ingram A little over a week ago, Selecting Stones had the opportunity to visit the protesters at Occupy Tulsa.  After talking with a few of the participants at the small downtown encampment in Oklahoma’s second largest city, we came away with a strong impression, and a much clearer understanding of […]

Confusion, Chaos, and the Theology of Occupy Wall Street

October 26, 2011


By Anthony Burton As anyone who has witnessed these ongoing “anti-greed” demonstrations firsthand probably already realizes, the underlying question preoccupying the minds of the Occupy Wall Street protestors for the last however many weeks has been largely theological: is the social production of wealth compatible with good divinity? After many, many hours of superficial meditation […]

Legality and Illegality of Occupy Wall Street

October 10, 2011


By Bruno Fournier Just like the upper middle class whose objective interests it currently represents, the Occupy Wall Street movement lacks heroism.  Let us set aside the question of non-violence vs. violence, for the real question of the hour is legality vs. illegality.  Occupy Wall Street has opted for the tactic of non-violence, but they […]

Wall Street Can’t Be Good, Must Be Spanked

October 5, 2011


By Anthony Burton Scarcely twenty years have passed since the fall of the Soviet Union, and yet the frightened bourgeoisie is still continuing to search for an explanation behind the Arab Spring, as if the sudden collapse of a few puppet regimes is somehow unprecedented, and as if all this spontaneous revolutionary activity were not […]

The Upper-Middle-Class character of Occupy Wall Street, an update

October 3, 2011


Occupy Wall Street remains overwhelmingly a movement representing the upper-middle-class.  It is no mere coincidence that the free food handed out to the protesters is organic and vegan, and, although all sorts of people strive to eat healthy, in our day and age, the fetish of the organic tomato is primarily the reserve of the […]

You are not the 99%: An update on Occupy Wall Street

October 2, 2011


By Bruno Fournier So it seems, the media blackout on the Occupy Wall Street movement may be coming to an end.  Yesterday, the arrest of 700 protesters marching across the Brooklyn Bridge finally put the movement on the website of the New York Times.  Most other scant media coverage continues to focus on the movement’s […]

The Arab Spring arrives in New York, sort of

September 25, 2011


By Dawn Occidere You would have to be blind not to see what is happening in the world right now, everywhere, as a whole.  All within the past few months, we have the Arab Spring, riots in the U.K., months of student protests in Chile, and mass demonstrations in Greece and Italy, just to name […]


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