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“That’s Why I Fucked Your Bitch” – Happy Valentine’s Day from Selecting Stones

February 14, 2013


By Phil Ingram In Part Two of The Dialectic of Homelessness, in which the question was raised as to whether it really deserves to be a crime for homeless people to engage in life-sustaining activities like eating and sleeping in public spaces, the scientific editors of Selecting Stones mentioned a conversation that had recently taken […]

Will the Catholic Church Try to Play Multiculturalism This Time Around?

February 12, 2013


By Bruno Fournier Yesterday, Joseph Ratzinger announced that the duties of representing Jesus (and sometimes the other two persons of the Holy Trinity) in our low, fleshly world had become too much of a burden upon his own fleshly health, and that he had therefore made the infallible decision to cease to be infallible.  In […]

Peasant and Chef: The Limits of Peruvian Gastro-Fascism, 1994-2012

December 8, 2012


By Javier Puente The son of the Bourgeoisie In 1994, in the context of privatization-based, neoliberal economic program within an increasingly authoritarian regime, a 27-year old Peruvian, son of a prominent politician, returned to the country after several years of elite education in Madrid and Paris.  There he proceeded to open a French restaurant — […]

Leading with Puppets: The Peace Corps at Work in Peru

July 8, 2012


By Rick Skull This past Sunday I happened to be in the small Peruvian town of San Juan de Ondores, located in the central highlands.  The community was holding its annual festival in honor of John the Baptist and many traditional celebratory activities were taking place.  In the central plaza, awash with people, it was […]

The Militarization of Ollanta Humala’s Peru: Andean Bonapartism?

December 16, 2011


By Javier Puente Last summer, elections in Peru invested Ollanta Humala, a former Army commander, as President of the Republic.  Ollanta ran against Keiko Fujimori, imprisoned former president Alberto Fujimori’s daughter, and current leader of fujimorismo’s cadres.  While Humala initially represented a radical nationalist, leftist-oriented option, he later became aware of the necessity of moderating […]

Peruvian Racism Rises Again: the new face of an old animal

May 2, 2011


By Javier Puente Peruvian presidential elections held on April 10th have led the country into a rather disappointing scenario.  The final round will be between former Army commander Ollanta Humala Tasso and Keiko Fujimori, Alberto’s daughter.  Ollanta has allegedly received financial support and political influence from Hugo Chávez, while Keiko carries with her most of […]


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