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Occupying the Site Formerly Known as Wall Street, part one

November 13, 2013


By Misty Lee Reagan Campbell read through one of the city’s many different newspapers and learned of the final capitulation of Robert Kraft to the pressure of Labor.  Having resisted for months, he had conceded that the Kraft Group did not constitute private property and should be reorganized so that all may benefit equally from […]

What Is A Landlord? What Is A Tenant?

July 31, 2012


A landlord is a person.  The only difference between him and any other person is that there exists a sheet of paper in an office somewhere which has both his name on it and the address of some specific building.  The tenant is also a person.  The tenant lives in the same building mentioned on […]

The Case of Jim Bridenstine and John Sullivan: What Is Democracy?

July 2, 2012


By W. L. D. Jim Bridenstine beat incumbent John Sullivan in last Tuesday’s Republican Party primary in the 1st congressional district of Oklahoma, which includes the city of Tulsa.  In accordance with the political winds of our times, Bridenstine was the so-called “Tea Party favorite” over Sullivan, although in practical terms, all signs indicate that […]

Why is there a Yoga Cult inside the Occupy Movement?

December 30, 2011


By Anthony Burton You may have noticed over the last several weeks that the scientific editors of Selecting Stones have been quietly publishing a series of articles dealing decisively and profoundly with the important subject of dialectical contradictions in the American heartland.  As always, our aim has been to concretely demonstrate how these contradictions have […]

Recent Events at Occupy DC, and the Institution of Private Property

December 8, 2011


By Bruno Fournier and Dawn Occidere Occupy DC has made its way into the news this week.  For most of its two-month period of existence, Occupy DC has been among the most peaceful and least disruptive of all the various Occupy encampments across the U.S.  This started to change on Sunday, with 31 arrests after […]

On the Transition from Ape to Man, and the Selection of Stones

November 10, 2011


Today, the BBC’s science section reported a new finding published in Nature on the origins of social behavior among primates.  The report includes a few excerpts from an interview with the lead scientist on the study, Dr. Suzanne Shultz of Oxford University. The geniuses at the BBC conclude the article as follows: Human societies likely […]

Legalizing Gay Marriage While the Family is Already Abolished

June 14, 2011


By Anthony Burton In my last essay, “Theses on Dead Prez: Abolishing the Family,” I urged my fellow comrades who are still intellectually and emotionally enslaved to the American educational system – their educational system – to drop out of school immediately and start reading Marx, because the precarious conditions of existence for the proletariat […]

Theses on Dead Prez: Abolishing the Family

June 13, 2011


By Anthony Burton The solution is already outlined in the thesis: circumstances are changed by men and the educator must himself be educated. This is why the Bolsheviks had to kill the tsar and destroy his patrimony.  This is why Dead Prez is right to insist on dropping out of school – their school – in […]

Is Gay Marriage actually Conservative?

June 12, 2011


By Bruno Fournier Let’s face one of the most contentious issues of the contemporary U.S. culture wars head-on: Gay Marriage.  What I am about to present here may seem an act of sacrilege to many, but that is because it is so infrequently attempted.  The Gay Rights movement and the explosive issue of gay marriage […]

Struggle or Extinction? And Other Inexorable Questions

May 1, 2011


By Phil Ingram It has been said that any thinker who is proceeding along the philosophical road must eventually cross the bridge known as the most basic question of philosophy – materialism or idealism: the relationship of being and consciousness – before he or she can seriously begin delving into those “general theoretical, world-view questions […]

Was Kid Rock really “born free” ?

April 18, 2011


By Félix Perez If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you take a few minutes to watch Kid Rock’s video for the recent song Born Free.  It is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable slices of Americana to come out of the turbulent year 2010. “Free, like a river raging…” Kid Rock sings this line […]


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