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Neither Justice Nor Peace: A Few Notes on the Events in Ferguson, Missouri

August 20, 2014


By Frank W. Strauch Welcome to St. Louis County, where jaywalking (!) can get you killed by the cops! And welcome to the United States of America, a developed country that has outsourced practically all production except its unquestionably world-class weapons industry, leading to a massively overinflated federal defense budget and therefore a huge surplus […]

Notes from an alien’s visit to Nationals Park

August 25, 2013


By Misty Lee Having spent most of the Earth day studying the dominant human power’s system of government, the alien followed federal employees across the center of Washington to Nationals Park.  There he would continue his investigations by considering their leisure habits.  He understood that baseball was an athletic activity and noticed that many of […]

BBC peddles in reactionary Biological Determinism and Social Darwinism, as usual

December 10, 2012


By Larry Duvalier A few days ago, BBC’s science news published an article entitled, “Is our political view really encoded in our genes?”  The article’s summary reads: There’s growing evidence to suggest that our political views can be inherited.  But before we decide to ditch the ballot box for a DNA test, Tom Stafford explains […]

Peasant and Chef: The Limits of Peruvian Gastro-Fascism, 1994-2012

December 8, 2012


By Javier Puente The son of the Bourgeoisie In 1994, in the context of privatization-based, neoliberal economic program within an increasingly authoritarian regime, a 27-year old Peruvian, son of a prominent politician, returned to the country after several years of elite education in Madrid and Paris.  There he proceeded to open a French restaurant — […]

The Process of Reproduction: Why would Argentine Dictators want to Steal Babies?

July 6, 2012


By Larry Duvalier An Argentine court yesterday convicted former military rulers Jorge Videla and Reynaldo Bignone of having orchestrated a systematic policy aimed at stealing the babies of leftist political prisoners during the period of right-wing military dictatorship in the country from 1976 to 1983.  Videla, naturally, denied that there had been any explicit policy […]

How to spot Right-Wing Propaganda: The Abortion Issue

March 9, 2012


The following image has recently been floating around Facebook, passed to us via a page called “Being Liberal”.  Leave it to the liberals to fail to recognize right-wing propaganda when they see it.  It appears to be a run-of-the-mill endorsement of the Pro-Choice position on the abortion question.  But take a closer look… Here we […]

Encyclopaedia of the Bourgeoisie: Evolutionary Biology

February 11, 2012


Evolutionary Biology Evolutionary biology, when approached objectively, from the universal standpoint of the proletariat, is among the most valuable of the natural sciences.  However, in the hands of the bourgeoisie, evolutionary biology is often deformed into a body of pseudoscientific theories with overtly racist undertones.  For example, some psychologists explain today’s human behavior based on […]

Conversations from Occupy DC on a Thursday Night at Ten

December 12, 2011


Three fellows, ‘Wisconsin’, ‘Pride,’ and Mehmet pass the time on a cold evening. Wisconsin:  I been on the road for ten years man.  Bin all over the place and I’m out o’ work.  I’m from Milwaukee but I looked near everywhere.  It’s all the same.  Fuckin’ Mexicans man.  I even go for the crappy jobs, […]

Leah Dieterich’s THXTHXTHX: Thankful for Death

June 13, 2011


By Larry Duvalier and Anthony Burton Leah Dieterich brings “thankfulness” to its lowest possible form.  Naturally, therefore, she got a book deal.  Her charming blog is a collection of hand-written thank you notes for, seemingly, everything.  From the horse’s own mouth: Leah Dieterich’s mother always told her to write thank you notes. So she does. […]

Peruvian Racism Rises Again: the new face of an old animal

May 2, 2011


By Javier Puente Peruvian presidential elections held on April 10th have led the country into a rather disappointing scenario.  The final round will be between former Army commander Ollanta Humala Tasso and Keiko Fujimori, Alberto’s daughter.  Ollanta has allegedly received financial support and political influence from Hugo Chávez, while Keiko carries with her most of […]


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