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Selecting Stones at Year 4

May 1, 2015


Four years ago today, the scientific editors of Selecting Stones announced their mission to explain to the world the meaning of its actions and desires. The world was to be awakened from the dream that it was having about itself by means of ruthless criticism of everything that exists. At this moment, the city of […]

Fundamentalist Mormons demonstrate greater Reason than U.S. Government

October 7, 2013


By Frank W. Strauch The scientific editors of Selecting Stones have recently obtained a document of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints via one of our correspondents in the great state of Texas.  The important parts of this document are reproduced in text below, and you can download a scan of […]

Getting to know Selecting Stones: A Basic FAQ

January 10, 2013


Q: Will capitalism survive the next storm or is this truly the end of the world? A: It depends on the proletariat.  The interests of capital and wage labor are diametrically opposed to one another.  But technically speaking, the end of capitalism does not necessarily have to mean that the world is coming to an […]

Google Incorporated Destroys Reason

September 19, 2012


By Phil Ingram Mythology by definition overcomes and shapes the forces of nature in the imagination and by the imagination until unconsciously it becomes a dominating arsenal and foundation of art. As we discovered yet again last week with the viral popularity of “The Innocence of Muslims” film on YouTube, the naively childish vision of […]

Religion is Poison that Attacks the Nervous System

September 13, 2012


By Frank W. Strauch Some stupid Christian fundamentalists from that bastion of reactionary ideology known as SoCal have created a crappy YouTube video.  It features some guy who looks like an even dorkier version of Owen Wilson supposedly playing the role of the historical figure Muhammad, who is therein portrayed with a bunch of negative […]

Why is there a Yoga Cult inside the Occupy Movement?

December 30, 2011


By Anthony Burton You may have noticed over the last several weeks that the scientific editors of Selecting Stones have been quietly publishing a series of articles dealing decisively and profoundly with the important subject of dialectical contradictions in the American heartland.  As always, our aim has been to concretely demonstrate how these contradictions have […]

Life Plus Ten: Is Selecting Stones Self-Righteous or Ruthless?

November 19, 2011


By Troy Clavileño As the great lumpenproletarian poet and gangster rapper Tupac Shakur used to do better than anyone else back in his vintage form, let’s go see what our enemies are talking about. Is Selecting Stones really science or is it just a lot of “bombastic, self-righteously hyperbolic, and profoundly disingenuous rhetoric”?  “This sounds […]

Wall Street Has Betrayed Everything Existing, Except Westboro Baptist Church

November 7, 2011


By Anthony Burton It is the most ancient and essential premise of patriarchy, according to the leading school of thought on the subject, that the first kings were fathers of families, from which it somehow follows that the first cause of the fall of Adam, or the original sin, was the desire for liberty.  Not […]

Dear Internet!

November 1, 2011


Dear Internet, As scientific editors of Selecting Stones, and as politicians of the Leninist type, i.e. without contamination, we would like to remind you that it is up to the electors, the people, to demand from their deputies that they shall be good for their duties like Lenin was. The enemies of the working class […]

The Approaching Revolution

September 26, 2011


By Troy Clavileño When we announced the establishment of Selecting Stones back in February 2011, the world had only just discovered that it was pregnant with another revolution, and while it is now too late to abort the fetus, much to the embarrassment and dissatisfaction of the increasingly antiquated middle class, it is still entirely […]

Pros and Cons of Homelessness

September 23, 2011


By Eduardo Dijo Genghis Khan, orphaned and enslaved, realized better than most, perhaps, the bitter irony, that the world must be destroyed externally before it destroys itself from within.  Why? The question is returning once again to the always necessary and always treacherous stage of world history: are there real advantages to homelessness?  Ça dépend, […]

A Note on the Intellectual Bankruptcy of American Liberalism

June 8, 2011


By Tom Carpenter Heresy is a difficult pill to swallow but it goes down easier with a modicum of orthodoxy.  So, I’ll begin by confessing that once upon a time the Daily Show was a species of religious observance for me.  There were few more avid fans and — run if need be — bets […]


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