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Hugo Chavez is Dead and the Dow Jones hits Record High

March 5, 2013


By Frank W. Strauch A brief update on today’s headlines. Hugo Chavez died of cancer this afternoon.  Speculation has been running wild as to the state of the Venezuelan president’s health ever since he missed the inauguration for his fourth term on January 10.  In recent days, former Panamanian ambassador to the OAS Guillermo Cochez […]

Slavoj Zizek Has Nothing To Say

November 1, 2011


Every now and then, if you can restrict him to a Twitter-length sound bite, popular Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek has something interesting to say.  But when faced with the actual, real world crisis of 2011, the ivory-tower idealist par excellence can do nothing but babble on incoherently with the same old regurgitated platitudes that have […]

Why are there so many Ron Paul supporters at Occupy Wall Street?

October 23, 2011


By Bruno Fournier For the past several weeks, the contingent of Ron Paul supporters at the Occupy Wall Street protest has made its presence felt.  They form a small minority of the mass at Zuccotti Park, but they have made themselves an extremely visible and vocal minority, and, arguably, they have created the best-organized faction […]

The Approaching Revolution

September 26, 2011


By Troy Clavileño When we announced the establishment of Selecting Stones back in February 2011, the world had only just discovered that it was pregnant with another revolution, and while it is now too late to abort the fetus, much to the embarrassment and dissatisfaction of the increasingly antiquated middle class, it is still entirely […]

The Arab Spring arrives in New York, sort of

September 25, 2011


By Dawn Occidere You would have to be blind not to see what is happening in the world right now, everywhere, as a whole.  All within the past few months, we have the Arab Spring, riots in the U.K., months of student protests in Chile, and mass demonstrations in Greece and Italy, just to name […]

Washington, DC: The Recession-Proof Fantasy

September 20, 2011


By Larry Duvalier Take a trip to Washington, DC.  Ask your average upper-middle-class government or non-profit employee, and you will be certain to hear the common mantra that DC has weathered the recession much better than the rest of the U.S.  You will be informed that DC is a place with countless job opportunities and […]

The U.S. Debt Rating: Downgraded into Mysticism

August 8, 2011


By Dawn Occidere Standard and Poor’s downgrades the U.S. debt rating, the Dow Jones goes into a wild tailspin, and meanwhile Italy enters its own debt crisis, and stock markets in Asia and the Middle East sharply dip as an immediate response to the fears elicited by EU officials and the venerable S&P.  (A report […]

The Debt Ceiling and the Holy Alliance of Magical Creatures

July 22, 2011


By Larry Duvalier Last week, the website Business Insider ran a story with the apocalyptic title “40 Facts That Prove The Working Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Out.”  Wow, that’s strongly worded!!  I invite you to take a look at the article because a lot of the facts cited are quite eye-opening.  For example, supposedly […]

The Owl of Minerva flies high over Wasilla, Alaska

May 26, 2011


By Dawn Occidere As the most common interpretation of Middle Eastern history goes, the Arab countries’ defeat in the 1967 war with Israel marked the beginning of the end of secular Arab nationalism, and the subsequent rise of radical Islamism.  The events of 1967 were a crushing defeat for the secular Arab regimes.  For some […]

The Owl of Minerva flies high over Helsinki

May 8, 2011


By Dawn Occidere The true irony of the Arab Spring is that, whilst the Arabs openly declare their allegiance to the universal of political democracy, the Europeans move toward the particularity of their right-wing nationalist parties.  The logic of Eurocentrism posits “the West” as the progressive democratic universal, and “the East” as the backward theological […]

The Owl of Minerva flies high over Cairo

April 29, 2011


By Dawn Occidere The Arab Spring gives way to the Arab Summer as events escalate — to put it mildly — in Syria.  This year in which we’re living, 2011, has already proven itself to be an eventful one, and who can know how the rest of the year will take shape?  The Arab counties […]


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