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Smile, Topeka! Kansas Church-Goers React to State with Trust and Habit

February 15, 2013


By Phil Ingram Stanley “Tookie” Williams III, the founding father of the Crips, explained it best: “The more I began to lift weights, the more I became addicted to the feeling of being bigger and stronger.”  This, of course, is something to which many ordinary, hard-working folk living in the forgotten grain-producing states of the […]

A Few Notes on Romney and Obama, and a Brief Explanation of all this 53% vs. 47% Nonsense

September 23, 2012


By Bruno Fournier Romney was caught on tape confessing his belief that 47% of the citizens of a State atavistically still called the United States of America are entirely dependent upon that State and will therefore, for some reason, not vote for him.  Obama, in response, made a big hoopla by claiming that his presidency […]

Ruthless Communism Is Necessary

September 15, 2012


By Phil Ingram “Only a Hector can have a premonition that he will fall by the hand of an Achilles.” Coercive measures taken by society in individual cases are often hard and brutally materialistic, but as scientific editors of Selecting Stones, our hatred and contempt for life under capitalism has always proven to be more […]

What Is A Landlord? What Is A Tenant?

July 31, 2012


A landlord is a person.  The only difference between him and any other person is that there exists a sheet of paper in an office somewhere which has both his name on it and the address of some specific building.  The tenant is also a person.  The tenant lives in the same building mentioned on […]

On the Transition from Ape to Man, and the Selection of Stones

November 10, 2011


Today, the BBC’s science section reported a new finding published in Nature on the origins of social behavior among primates.  The report includes a few excerpts from an interview with the lead scientist on the study, Dr. Suzanne Shultz of Oxford University. The geniuses at the BBC conclude the article as follows: Human societies likely […]

Is Gay Marriage actually Conservative?

June 12, 2011


By Bruno Fournier Let’s face one of the most contentious issues of the contemporary U.S. culture wars head-on: Gay Marriage.  What I am about to present here may seem an act of sacrilege to many, but that is because it is so infrequently attempted.  The Gay Rights movement and the explosive issue of gay marriage […]

A Note on the Intellectual Bankruptcy of American Liberalism

June 8, 2011


By Tom Carpenter Heresy is a difficult pill to swallow but it goes down easier with a modicum of orthodoxy.  So, I’ll begin by confessing that once upon a time the Daily Show was a species of religious observance for me.  There were few more avid fans and — run if need be — bets […]

Struggle or Extinction? And Other Inexorable Questions

May 1, 2011


By Phil Ingram It has been said that any thinker who is proceeding along the philosophical road must eventually cross the bridge known as the most basic question of philosophy – materialism or idealism: the relationship of being and consciousness – before he or she can seriously begin delving into those “general theoretical, world-view questions […]

Was Kid Rock really “born free” ?

April 18, 2011


By Félix Perez If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you take a few minutes to watch Kid Rock’s video for the recent song Born Free.  It is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable slices of Americana to come out of the turbulent year 2010. “Free, like a river raging…” Kid Rock sings this line […]


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